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  • Bob Sartori

    Bob Sartori is the Vice President of the TriTech Services Consulting Practice. Bob leads the national consulting practice for TriTech Services and oversees all of the TriTech Services consulting accounts. Prior to joining TriTech, Bob was a Tax Manager for Prudential Financial. He has been responsible for the oversight of insurance state and local premium taxes, including tax planning, compliance and state audits.

    Bob’s experience consists of over 23 years of insurance company state and local taxes. He has had state insurance tax exposure in both the Life and Property & Casualty industries through working for companies like Chubb Insurance Co. and Crum & Forster Insurance Co. Bob is a frequent panelist and speaker at multiple insurance industry conferences.

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    Christine Gustafson

    Christine Gustafson, a multi-discipline tax lawyer and recognized authority on state tax matters, serves as a Consultant to TriTech Services by assisting with state and local tax and legal matters. Possessing a strong technical and accounting background, she has over 20 years of state and local tax experience. Chris graduated from DePaul University with a J.D. with emphasis in taxation. She has since worked for companies such as Allstate, Ernst & Young, and Foley & Lardner. Currently, she is the owner and practitioner of C. Gustafson Law, providing tax counseling, consulting, and compliance services. Chris has also published Lexis-Nexis Insights and she is an Illinois Certified Mediator, working pro bono juvenile cases.

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    Gene Capobianco

    Gene has over 30 years experience in insurance company state and local taxation. Most recently, Gene was a Corporate Vice President in the Tax Department of New York Life Insurance Company from 2014-2018. He was responsible for all state and local taxes, including state and local premium, retaliatory, income and sales and use taxes. In addition, he had significant responsibilities with respect to federal income tax compliance, accounting and audits.

    Previously, Gene was an officer in the Tax Department of AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company from 2000-2014. He had responsibilities both with respect to federal income taxes and state and local taxes. He began his insurance tax career working for 12 years in the Tax Department at Metropolitan Life Insurance Company beginning in 1988.

    Gene has served as a panelist and speaker at numerous industry conferences. In addition, he has served as Chair of the American Council of Life Insurers State Tax Committee, as well as Chair of the LICONY Tax Subcommittee. He is currently a member of the Steering Committee of the National Premium Tax Conference. Gene received a Bachelor of Science degree from St. John's University.

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    Jan Gillerin

    Jan Gillerin brings both life and property and casualty insurance tax experience to the review process. For 11 years, Jan served as the State and Local tax manager for the Hanover and Allmerica Financial Group of insurance companies. In that role she was responsible for insurance premium tax planning, compliance and audit resolution. From York College of Pennsylvania, Jan began her tax career with the tax department of Price Waterhouse in Cleveland and then Boston. Throughout her career, Jan has spoken frequently at insurance industry conferences. For over 20 years, she has served on the Steering Committee of the National Premium Tax Conference.

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    Jennifer Liotta-Harris

    Jennifer Liotta-Harris brings 17 years of insurance tax to TriTech. She graduated with a BBA in Accounting from Kent State University in Kent, OH. Her experience crosses property and casualty and life tax. She has prepared and reviewed premium, federal, state and local income, and franchise tax returns. She is versed in state tax audits, re-domestications, tax planning, and statutory and GAAP tax financial reporting. Jennifer is a reviewer of premium tax returns at TriTech. She joined the TriTech Services team in September of 2012.

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    Jim Drew

    Jim Drew brings accounting and tax knowledge to TriTech. He graduated with a bachelors degree in business and economics from The King's College in Briarcliff Manor, NY. He started working in the accounting department at Selective Insurance Company in 1972. Jim had exposure to all aspects of the accounting function while at Selective, including preparation and review of premium taxes, during all 37 plus years of employment. For the last 15 years he has been preparing and reviewing premium, federal, and state tax returns. Jim also coordinated multi-state insurance department financial exams and various state tax audits. In June 2009 he retired as the Assistant Vice President, Manager of Taxes at Selective Insurance.

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    John Wagner

     John Wagner, a well-known premium tax professional, is one of the leading voices in the insurance industry. John is a key consultant and final reviewer of premium tax returns for the TriTech Tax Services Division, which he joined in 2007. John has over 48 years of experience in the insurance industry and is a wealth of premium tax knowledge. John graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with an MBA in 1974. He retired from the CNA Insurance Companies with over 37 years of service, the last 16 years spent as the Assistant Vice President of Premium Tax. Additionally, John prepared premium taxes for more than five years for CastlePoint National Insurance Company (formerly SUA Insurance Company), a member of the Tower Group. Before retiring, Wagner was an annual speaker at the National Premium Tax Conference and served for more than a decade as a Steering Committee Member.

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    Kevin McGurl

     Kevin McGurl graduated with his BSBA from Boston College in 1973, and topped off his formal education with an MBA from Babson College in 1976. He went on to spend 20 years at State Mutual, working directly with premium taxes for 12 of those years. For the last 15 years, McGurl has been with Sun Life of Canada as the Manager of Premium Taxes.

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    Linda Brouillard

     Linda Brouillard is a graduate of Johnson & Wales in Providence, RI with an associate degree in computer science and minor in accounting. She began her career as a programmer for the State of Rhode Island but decided accounting was more to her liking and began working as an accountant at Sperry-Rand Research Center. Linda then went to The Hanover Insurance Company. She worked at several positions within the company before settling down in the tax department where she remained for 22 years. She has premium tax experience in both life and property & casualty.

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    Mary Caputo

     Mary Caputo brings 35 years of state insurance tax experience to TriTechs Services & Consulting Practice. She has been in the insurance game at multiple levels, including assisting in the development of state tax legislation in numerous jurisdictions and speaking at various insurance industry conferences.

    Caputo graduated from Central Connecticut State University. She has been a member of American Insurance Associations State and Local Tax Subcommittee for over 20 years, serving as Chair for two two-year terms. She recently retired as Assistant Vice President of State and Local Taxes at The Hartford Financial Services Group after 28 plus years, and she now lends her expertise to TriTech Services.

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    Robert P. Fruh

     Robert P. Fruh, whose entire career has been devoted to the financial services industry, now puts his knowledge to work for TriTech Services. Mr. Fruh began his career in the financial reporting department of the Bank of New York. Later, he transferred to the banks tax department after receiving his MBA in taxation. After eight years at the bank, Mr. Fruh began his 26 year tenure in insurance by moving to the tax department of Crum & Forster. He worked 12 years there, focusing on tax return preparation and research and planning for both federal and state income taxes.

    Mr. Fruh later joined Ambac Financial Group as an assistant vice president. He was responsible for preparing consolidated federal income tax returns and all state tax compliance, as well as federal and state tax provisions. It is there that he became versed in premium taxes, handling research and planning, as well as compliance for all jurisdictions.

    After a 14 year career with Ambac, Mr. Fruh retired with the title of Vice President.

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