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  • Premium Pro Premium Tax

    Premium Pro - Premium Tax is a insurance premium tax compliance software that enables you to process your annual and estimated premium tax returns for all states and U.S. territories. The software is designed for Life, Health Maintenance Organizations, Property and Casualty, Risk Retention and Title Insurers.

    Premium Pro Life and PC automates the insurance tax preparation and review process by offering you an unbeatable combination of features to maximize productivity and efficiency. From importing the annual statement to filing your state returns, Premium Pro simplifies the overall process of calculating your premium and retaliatory taxes. You can create custom management reports, and process check requests and cover letters with unparalleled ease. The Premium Pro software provides you with control and flexibility, while allowing you to maximize your time and energy.

    Key Features
    Property & Casualty
    Risk Retention
    All States and US Territories
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    Easy Data Import
    Cost Effective
    Save Time
    Calc & Review
    System Requirements
    You Need
    2 GHz Processor +
    Microsoft Windows XP +
    SQL Server or SQL Express
    1 G RAM +
    Internet Access (I.E. 8+)
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  • Premium Pro - Hosted Software

    Premium Pro is available over the Internet, which means you can focus on premium taxes and forget about software maintenance.

    The software is centrally hosted by TriTech, so users access Premium Pro via a secure application delivery solution. New versions and enhancements are available effortlessly and seamlessly - no waiting for your IT department to apply updates or new releases. Hosted software means we do the backup and updating for you so you can concentrate on your work. And no matter what type of computer you have, all you need is an internet connection and you're good to go.
    Benefits of Premium Pro - Hosted

    • Access Premium Pro from anywhere there is an internet connection
    • TriTech handles the software and hardware, as well as security, basic disaster recovery, and data storage
    • Nightly updates provide access to the most current version of Premium Pro
    • You retain control over all aspects of data collection, interfaces, return preparation, and filing
    • Decreased dependency on your IT department
    • No need to invest in expensive servers or database software
    • TriTech is SSAE 16 compliant
    • Data will always remain confidential and safe
    • Secure access, limited to subscribed clients only
    • Servers are housed in a state-of-the-art facility
    • Virus protection with instant updates
    • Hourly backups

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  • Tax Calendar

    The Tax Calendar in Premium Pro is integrated with Premium Tax, Municipal Tax, and FormsPlus. It is included at no charge with these software modules.

    Premium Pro Tax Calendar includes due dates for annual, estimate, and monthly premium tax returns, due dates for various additional insurance related filings, and due dates for local premium tax and occupational licenses for selected states. The calendar is designed to incorporate all companies registered in Premium Pro. Calendar is available for all companies in Premium Pro Premium Tax, Municipal Tax, and FormsPlus.

    Calendar Key Features
    • Fully Integrated with Premium Pro
    • Included at No Extra Charge
    • Rollover Key Information from Year to Year
    • Cut/Copy/Paste
    • Add Custom Entries
    • Import Custom Dates
    • Advanced Search/Query
    • Set Internal Due Dates
    • Display Due Date Reminders
    • ICS Export
    • Import Dates into Outlook

    GTS - GFA Tracking System

    The GFA Tracking System or GTS is a powerful tool that allows users to track assessments by line of business, assessment class, and state jurisdiction. With GTS, users can easily determine how much credit has been utilized and when the credit will expire. In addition, GTS integrates seamlessly with the existing PREMIUM Pro software.

    GFA Key Features
    • Track assessments by line of business, assessment class, and state jurisdiction
    • Centralized input area for Date Assessed, Date Paid,Assessment year, Description, and Class Assessment amounts
    • Automatic and user customizable caculation options - to determine assessment class used in the credit calculations for each state and year
    • Credit Summary Schedule with compilation of all assessment and credit amounts for each line of business on a state-by-state basis
    • Track actual credit applied to current year taxes as well as any unused credit amount that may be carried to following years.
    • Check Request Summary
    • Integrates seamlessly with the Premium Tax software








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    Please visit the Enterprise Update Center for software updates. (Log in to Enterprise and go to Tools > Update Center)

    Your company Administrator can apply all necessary updates. (For a list of registered Admin users, log in to Enterprise and go to Help > About > System Info)

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