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Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the insurance industry with accurate, timely, and comprehensive premium tax software and services while developing lasting relationships with our customers and employees, and actively working toward improving our community and world.

Core Values


Caring for people beyond our business relationships and organizational ties and striving to maintain an emotional connection with our associates, customers and suppliers.


We believe in embracing a working environment strengthened by positive, long-term relationships where individuals do what it takes for the good of the whole. We rely on and make time for one another; we speak our minds; we enjoy each other's company; we value what each individual brings to TriTech; we love and respect one another. We understand the importance of balancing hard work with a healthy family life.

TriTech has always been a family--sometimes even a dysfunctional one. Cathy, Robert and I worked in Cathy's house for long hours. We spent more time with each other than we did with our own families. When we needed additional help we first looked to our own families, friends and neighbors, and then to their families, friends and neighbors. Because we were such a small group, we got to know the states and our clients like families too. Congratulating them on births, weddings and graduations. Offering condolences on sickness, tragedies and deaths.

Today we celebrate birthdays each month, with special attention given to those ending in 0. We share in potlucks, picnics and an occasional cruise. We host wedding and baby showers for each staff member. We also have chaplains to help out for some of life's harder times for staff and clients. We attend funerals of our coworkers' close family members. We offer bonuses for employment referrals. We pray for clients, vendors, staff and friends when needs arise. In short we share our lives with one another.

Deliberate Innovation

Constantly looking for creative ways to evolve and find solutions, both in our office and for our clients.

Deliberate Innovation

We believe innovation is not necessarily about the newest or coolest trend in technology. Instead, we believe in continuously searching for ways to do things better.

TriTech was born from innovation. We were the first company to offer a premium tax product in Windows starting in 1995. We created Premium Pro Municipal in 1996, followed by the introduction of Tax Calendar and the Miscellaneous Premium Forms Package (1997), Allocator (1999), and Electronic filing (2002). In 2003 we launched our tax processing subsidiary, TriTech Services. In 2005, we changed our entire platform offering multi-year access and combining Premium Tax, Municipal Tax and FormsPlus in one interface. In 2006 we expanded our tax services to include check cutting. By 2010 we were facilitating electronic filing options in our software by offering a Web Login, which we expanded to our Efile Assistant in 2011, then by creating NACHA files for fund transfers in 2014.

Today we have innovation built into our development cycle. Each year we host an advisory conference where we listen to our clients to determine what areas of difficulty they are facing. We then look for new ways to address those concerns. We share the same burden of tax preparation as our clients since we prepare returns in-house as well, further fueling our never-ending motivation to improve our software and the processes we use.


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